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If you’ve enjoyed our lessons and would like to leave some positive feedback, please don’t hesitate to do so!

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8 thoughts on “Your Testimonials

  1. Ruby Fong says:

    I have enjoyed the French lessons taught by Catherine in a small group setting. The classes were varied and always well structured. Students were introduced to various aspects of the language and culture of France including poetry, humour, satires, plays, films, music, and, of course, grammar. I found that the lessons not only challenged my linguistic skills, thus sharpening them, but that they also stimulated my intellect and broadened my horizons which I must say, is what I found pleasing about the classes.

  2. adam says:

    Very much agree with Ruby. Catherine’s lessons combined structure and interesting material. Each week we had a combination of written, spoken and listening work to do. The subject matter included present and historical material which shed light on French culture. Catherine helped us to engage with each other and everybody enjoyed themselves! I hope to be taught by Catherine in the future.

  3. Moire Dowell says:

    I agree with both Ruby and Adam. I found the classes stimulating and great fun. We were all made very welcome and encouraged in our presentations. I particularly enjoyed the great mix of topics, from literary classics to modern popular music, films, drama, current affairs. I have amassed quite a volume of new words from the weekly preparations, plus timely grammar reminders. I look forward to a new session of lessons in the autumn under Catherine’s expert guidance.

  4. Dana Stoll says:

    After taking a year off of my French tuition, I was at first nervous to pick up where I left off, but I thoroughly enjoyed Catherine’s classes. Each week we practised our grammar and our speaking skills, but it was Catherine’s combination of humour and enthusiasm which served to make lessons truly memorable! I am actually going to France this week and look forward to implementing what I have learned on my visit. I not only increased my vocabulary, but my confidence in speaking French as well!

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