RFNA-Levels 01, 02 and 03


Reading French News Articles (3 Levels)

This course is designed for intermediate learners of French, i.e. students who have reached Levels B1 or B2 (c.f. European Frame of Reference). It aims to provide you with the specific vocabulary you need to understand French news articles on cultural, economic and social subjects.

The program is divided into 3 levels of increasing difficulty; each level comprises 17 themed (weekly) lessons. The themes covered in each level are: la culture; la société; la crise; la justice & le droit; la politique; l’économie; la guerre; les procès; les élections; les relations internationales; la religion; la santé; la finance & la fiscalité; l’environnement; la science & les nouvelles technologies; l’entreprise & le monde du travail; l’éducation.

The average time commitment recommended for each (weekly) session is 90 minutes: 30 minutes to go through the lesson; 60 minutes to do the homework.

The Level 01 course will be available online in 2015; Level 02 in 2016, and Level 03 in 2017. Please email me at: cjc.french.coach@live.co.uk to gain life-long, individual access to each protected website:

– For Level 01 (live from 31/01/2015), go to: https://rfna01.wordpress.com

– For Level 02 (live from 31/01/2016), go to:

– For Level 03 (live from 31/01/2017), go to:

You can view a free-access video of one lesson on my YouTube channel, so that you can see a sample of the course before purchasing it:

– Level 01: http://youtu.be/Fc0duD7r2lc

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any comments or questions.



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