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Study independently, at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home! Here are some examples of my work available online, and thus accessible from anywhere in the world:

1. Publications scheduled for 2015/2016 (click on the links below):

1.a. Reading French News Articles: Level 01 in 2015, Level 02 in 2016 & Level 03 in 2017;

1.b. Great French Thinkers: 01= Thinking with Voltaire (2015); 02= Thinking with Bergson (2016);

1.c. French Legal Language, Level 1.1 (2015) & Level 1.2. (2016) (NB: 4 levels in total);

1.d. Learn French with French Songs from the 19-fifties to the 20-tennies;

1.e. Master French Grammar in a Year (100 short lessons over 50 weeks).

2. Internet Access to my Exclusive French Courses:

Life-long, individual access to each protected website is currently available for just £12.50 through Floodlight, Hotcourses, Love-my-Course and other affiliated websites, OR only £9.99 if you order directly from me.

All you need to take advantage of this incredible £9.99 offer is:

a PayPal account (if you cannot use PayPal, please go to one of the afore-mentioned websites where most credit and debit cards are accepted; please note that I also accept payments by cheque in Pound Sterling or Euro, but this entails a surcharge of £2.50 per cheque, and a delay as you won’t be able to access the purchased course(s) until your cheque has cleared), and

access to Wordpress: this is completely free and can be set up in less than 30 seconds from any personal computer with an Internet connection. (Please note that some autocratic countries restrict or ban access to WordPress, and that some companies prevent their employees from accessing WordPress from work and/or from their work computers, so double-check before ordering.)

3. Ad-free Access to the Videos on my YouTube Channel:

2.a. Culture française – 16 chanteurs français incontournables:

– ma présentation (i.e. diaporama):

– la version vidéo et la Playlist sur YouTube:


16 chanteurs moins 1 – qui est le chanteur / la chanteuse qui manque à l’appel ?


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