Conversing in French on Everyday Topics

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An exciting French Course for Lower Intermediate to Intermediate Students (Levels A2 & B1), designed exclusively for EC24 by CJC:

This Conversation Course has a dual purpose: helping you improve all four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) whilst learning the French vocabulary you need to discuss Everyday Topics.

Each term, lessons take place once a week, and last 1.5 hours (90 minutes) each. Classes run at lunchtime and in the evening on weekdays, and on Saturdays. Please note that tariffs vary for private tuition and for group tuition, so please go to our website for more info ( or contact us directly for a personalized quote (

1. Course Objectives – by the end of course you will:
• have improved your listening and speaking skills, as well as your reading and writing skills;
• have mastered the vocabulary necessary to communicate on a range of everyday topics;
• be able to state your feelings and opinions, and participate in discussions, about these topics;
• have expanded and deepened your knowledge of French language and culture.

2. How is the course taught?
• A communicative approach is used in class, with the main emphasis on speaking and listening. Students will engage in interactive language activities, participating in group and pair work.
• Students will be set weekly homework tasks (the teacher will offer guidance in self-study at the beginning of the course). Students will be expected to spend at least 90 minutes per week doing their homework.

3. Course Outline:
Students will explore the following topics:
• A table !
• Je communique par téléphone, SMS, etc.
• Je m’habille et j’achète des vêtements
• Je m’occupe de ma maison et je la décore
• Je parle de la pluie et du beau temps
• Je pars en voyage
• Je suis malade… mais je me soigne !
• Je travaille ou je cherche un emploi
• J’entretiens mes relations amicales
• J’organise une sortie culturelle, etc.

4. Learning Resources:
• Students will receive the list of the resources they need to purchase for the course/for each term upon registration. The total budget for books and other resources ranges between £20 and £40, depending on courses.
• The teacher will also supply various materials, both tailor-made and taken from other sources (textbooks, newspapers, magazines, the Internet, radio & TV, etc.).


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