Help Create a Board Games Library @St Joseph’s Hospice, Hackney

July 8, 2015 by CJC

Hi all, I volunteer at St Joseph’s and I’ve recently been asked to organize the gaming activities there.

At St Joseph’s, we try to offer a whole range of interesting activities to the patients in our care, and gaming is very much in demand at the moment. However, there are currently no board games available at the hospice. Therefore, we are trying to raise money in order to create a Games Library.

When you have to spend all day in hospital for a while, finding rousing activities to alleviate the boredom and socialize with other people is of paramount importance. Gaming is the perfect interactive activity: not only is it great fun, but it also fully engages and stimulates the players’ minds: time just flies by, and even the most worrisome thoughts are temporarily forgotten.

All the money collected will go towards buying board games and accessories for the new Games Library. The more money we get, the more games we can buy, which means that more patients will get to play, and they’ll also have more choices. We’re hoping to buy the games in mid-August 2015, and start using them on the wards as soon as they’re available.

You can see my fundraising page here:

Please give generously if you can. Thanks in advance!

Sunflowers, Bavaria, Germany

Sunflowers, Bavaria, Germany


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