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March 19, 2015 by CJC

We all know that in order to learn/improve a language, we need to practise it regularly. A little bit every day is all it takes to help you reach your French learning goal!

In my role as a French tutor and Learning Coach, my mission is to help you get your 10 minutes of daily exposure to the French language – either by reading it, listening to it or watching it.

To do so, almost every day I post between 3 and 5 tweets, containing links to topical and interesting articles, podcasts or videos.

If you’re on Twitter, please follow me to get instant access to these informative and useful daily tweets: @cjcfrenchcoach

Last but not least, if you have family members, friends or colleagues following you on Twitter who’re learning French too, please retweet my posts and ask them to follow me as well.

Thanking you kindly for your help. Happy learning!



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